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FLAIR, an enduring & stunning Content Management System designed and developed by an enthusiastic team of CliffCreations.

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About Flair

FLAIR, an enduring & stunning Content Management System written in PHP which is supposed to be used with MySql was found and developed by an enthusiastic & contributing team of CliffCreations. FLAIR facilitates one to manage the whole content and featured sections of a website to an effective extent. Using the FLAIR CMS, one-may or may not known of HTML, can make modifications, creation and even removal of contents in a website. The FLAIR, upto its destination operational functions doesn't require any Webmaster to execute any particular content managing operations. The FLAIR CMS too enables the one-to-one marketing and advertising operations of a business enterprise to a superior extent. FLAIR authorizes a user to switch between different themes which in turn make changes to the appearance and functionality of the whole website. FLAIR have impelled to provide more security to the website by allowing the supervisor or admin to enable or disable the comments or any contents posted by the public user which is expected to showcase onto the user end of website.


Web based publishing

The web based publishing feature of FLAIR CMS enables the content management admin to use a different template for a webpage approved by the FLAIR team and thereby will make a change in the appearance of the whole website.

Format Management

The format management feature of FLAIR allows the CMS admin or CMS author to make changes to the format of whole content of a website using a TinyMCE editor.

Menu Management

The menu manager of FLAIR allows the CMS operator to generate many menu items as preferred. Also enables the operator to fix the navigation for the respective menu item. The menu manager too allows to set each webpage to be showcased in different templates.

Nested operations

FLAIR enables the nested operations viz; indexing, searching and retrieval of web applications. It allows the CMS manager to search for available data using trusted keywords.

Instant Inline editing

With the FLAIR, the content authors or content operators can edit the entire webpage contents directly by clicking onto the edit mode without being switching onto different navigation mechanisms.


The FLAIR enables the webmasters and content creators to create and present their website in multiple languages with the inbuilt features in it. It pauses the website creators’ action of stepping forward to other tools for multiple languages.

Banner Management

The banner manager of FLAIR enables the content editor to add as many more advertising clicks to their website which in turn provides an amazing impression to the whole website.

Automatic spell checker

The FLAIR CMS involves a built in feature of automatic spell checker in its text editing area. It showcases any errors mistyped in the content editing area.

SEO Friendly

The FLAIR CMS is featured with manned habits of Search Engine Optimization. With FLAIR the SEO specialist can directly link the major keywords related to their product onto the website.

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